Bait Buddy Peter

The bait buddies are back and this time is Peters turn. Hot hunk Peter is straight but when he needed money he didn’t mind getting his dick jerked off and his ass fucked by another guy. A lot of things change when you are in desperate need of cash. There are a lot of straight guys around here looking for some fast cash even thought that means getting fucked. We know how much you like seeing guys bareback fucking so you must visit to see their exclusive scenes. Peter didn’t know what to expect once he got into it, he knew what was going to happen but didn’t knew anything else. When he got there he a bit nervous and got even more nervous once he had to take off his clothes in front of so many cameras.

Luckily for him Fernando was there so help him around and to give him a hand in everything he needs. Once they got to the couch Fernando had to start things so he grabbed Peter’s dick and started wanking him off and you can see below his reaction. It gotta be really weird for a straight guy but Fernando sure enjoyed jerking off his dick and hammering his ass in during their encounter. Nothing come for free and Peter had to work for his money even if it was his first time. You can see the entire baitbuddies adventure in the gallery below!

Bait buddy Fernando

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