Blue And Juan – Bait Buddies

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. We’ve got more bait buddies scenes to show off to you and we bet you will adore them just as usual. In this gallery you get to see the hot and horny pair of Blue and Juan getting to play and Blue is a new face here. Juan you have gotten to see in the past as he and another Latino buddy got to play with one another kinkily and well, it seems he wanted to come back for an encore. And for this one Juan is naturally the bait as he gets to play with his and Blue’s big black cock for this baitbuddies session. Let’s just kick things off and watch as the hot black stud gets his big cock stroked fast and hard today!

Well Juan is quite the expert at it so you know he was in good hands. Quite literally and pun intended. Anyway, like every other scene here you can see the hunks undressing and exposing some pretty amazing bodies for the cameras to capture in action and Juan assures Blue that all he needs to do is lay back and relax as he’s got his needs covered with his expert hand. So let’s sit back and relax as we get to watch the hot and horny pair enjoying themselves with this. See Juan stroking his cock and the other guys’ and check them out blowing their loads at pretty much the same time too by the end of this. We’ll see you soon with more new scenes!


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