Braxton And Dustin

Today’s bait buddies scene is one that will surely turn you on when you get to see it as we have no less than two experts in the art of gay sex playing together here today. The names are in the title and they are Braxton and Dustin. Now as you know, last week you got to see two straight guys enjoying the first gay experience, but for this week we wanted to do something different. In this scene we bring you two baits, so basically two gay dudes that know exactly what to do for you and the cameras. And that’s because it’s a tad refreshing to see some hot baitbuddies guys do a proper and hard style anal fucking session for you all to check out today!


The jocks are all ready from the start to get to play and they don’t want to miss a single second of playing with one another. As you will see, they make pretty quick work of one another’s clothes and show off those nude bodies to one another without delay. Then after the stripping and teasing it’s finally time to get to play with each other and they couldn’t be more happy about doing it either. Watch them eating ass for each other and besides the awesome rimjobs you also get to watch them slamming one another’s fine and tight asses. Do take your time to enjoy the view of this scene and we’ll be back next week with another new update and more gay action!

Check out these gay jocks slamming one another!