Chandler And Lex

Another fresh week and time to see another new and hot bait buddies update here today. Well since a few weeks ago you guys had the pleasure to see two straight guys trying gay sex for the first time and loved tremendously, we decided to have another scene featuring that kind of action for the afternoon. The straight guys getting to play in this one are Chandler and Lex and as you can tell, both of them don’t really know what to do and who should be on the receiving end. But that’s okay as in this baitbuddies scene they just ended up taking turns fucking each other. So let’s just get the show on the road and see them play nasty today shall we?


The straight pair of guys get the living room all to themselves and that classy couch is ever present in this one as well. As you saw the last time we had action like this around this place it was just amazing to say the least and these two make magic happen too in their time together today. Sit back and relax as you watch them sixty nineing each other and sucking one another’s cocks to get things started. Then the bald guy gets to be the one to take first dibs on fucking the other guy and you can take your time see him using that mighty cock to make the stud moan in pleasure. We’ll let you enjoy the show and we’ll see you once again next week with more!

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