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Bait Buddies – Zeke and Corey

Bait buddies is the site that has tons of hot guys getting some one on one sessions in with each other on camera and having tons of fun with each other too. This week we want to bring you a hot interracial fuck session with these two studs and it’s just perfect to check out if you want to see some hunks partying hard today. They had the whole afternoon to get to party with one another and you just have to check them out getting naughty with one another just for your enjoyment and theirs this fine day here today. So let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch the couple getting to do some steamy and passionate gay fucking this afternoon without delay shall we everyone?

That bed that you can see them in was going to be put to some good use this afternoon to say the least and you can see it creaking from all of the action. To begin with, naturally, the guys get to get all naked and show off those hot bodies to one another before they get to do anything else. And after that is done, you just have to see them sucking each other’s cocks off to make sure that they are hard. The oral served to get them even more in the mood and after that you get to see the black guy getting his cock truly milked by the other guy today by using his ass and expert mouth. Enjoy this show and do come back again soon for more!


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Bait Buddies Max and Jimmy Free Full Video

In this free bait buddies full video we discover Jimmy strip down and this kind of man is sizzling hot. He is hairy, all in the proper areas, having a 6 pack, bubble ass and nice tool…an incredibly suckable and fuckable straight guy. In no time Max is on his legs sucking the guy’s cock and all you must do is glance at the face expressions to understand, guy or not, Jimmy is loving it. Watch Jimmy’s appearance during this episode – it is simply amazing to watch his face getting from very happy to scary to euphoria. Enjoy this sexy update!

Well what can we say, you know that we bring you the hottest and sexiest scenes, and you can always count on us to find you the most amazing and hot guys to bring to your screens. Today like we said you get to see Max and Jimmy fucking nice and hard all over the place, and there’s no way that you can miss their nice and hot scene for today. See some nice and hard cock sucking getting done, and enjoy this fresh and hot gallery with both of them. There is another deep throat scene right here so check it out immediately! Bye bye everyone and enjoy the update!


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Cum Bath Scene

Take a look at this hot bait buddies scene, guys! Although they weren’t new to the business these two muscle studs couldn’t resist the temptation and jumped right to the fun part. After stretching his tight butthole, Bryce, couldn’t take anymore and cummed all over Larkin’s well fitted body! Check it out, it’s worth your time! You saw a baitbuddies scene like this one in the past, and here we are again with one more. And just like then we have a nice and sexy muscled dude that gets very horny.

He’s very excited so watch the stud getting fucked and having his body covered in jizz is Larkin. Take your time to see him as she begins to work on his friend’s nice and big dick to get it ready for his ass. Larking knows how to provide a nice and long blowjob, and you can see him working that nice and big meat shaft with his luscious lips. Then he takes a nice and hard ass pounding as well, and in the end Larkin gets covered nicely in a thick layer of jizz.


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Bait Buddies Puerto Rican experience

Hello! Check out this hot bait buddies update! Today we present you Trey Tuner, a hot stud with ripped muscular body, having a fat 8 hard inch cock. this handsome Puerto Rican had no mercy and destroyed his partner tight asshole, fucking him till he cummed all over him. The full gallery is waiting for you, don’t miss it! Let’s just take the time and see these two hot and sexy studs in action with their superb and sexy scene today shall we?


This gallery is sure to be to your liking, and as you can clearly see, these two hot and sexy muscled studs were more than happy to show off their oral skills. Watch them starting their scene with a superb and hot sixty nine session and watch them sucking on each other’s nice and big cocks today to start off their lovely scene. Let’s see them as they take turns to fuck each other in the ass as well, and watch them enjoying and loving every moment of their little fuck today. See you soon guys! Until then,check out some fraternityx pics and see other gorgeous guys fucking!

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Working hard on the floor

Take a look at this unique Bait Buddies gallery! Both our guys striped down quickly. Zachary is a charismatic, handsome and has a solid body and we can’t forget his 9” cock. Sebastian went straight to his cock in the moment he saw his and suggested that they jack off each other.  You must see this hot scene with these two amazingly hot and muscle studs! Enjoy this passionate and sexy gay fuck today and see two very horny and hot men going for a nice and superb little sex session in front of the cameras today and you.

The baitbuddies cameras start to roll, and you will see how these two studs like to party in private today. Sit back and enjoy watching them as they begin to undress and kiss each other passionately. As they both lay on the floor, you can see them engaging in a nice and sexy sixty nine session as they start to suck and slurp on each other’s nice and big cocks. Enjoy this lovely and sexy gay passionate fuck today and see you guys next week with some more fresh and hot scenes just like always. For similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, enter the breed it raw blog!


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Bait Buddies A refreshing cum bath

Check out this insane bait buddies cum bath fiesta! These two studs don’t like wasting time so they jumped right to it. Leon sinks his 8 hard inch cock in to Drake tight ass. Afterwards puts him on the floor and started jerking off giving him a cum bath. If you want to see more check out updates! Enjoy today’s update as you can see this muscled stud acting like a little slut and see him taking a nice and big load all over his body. Let’s see the two studs in action and watch them fuck nice and hard.


Take a seat, relax and unzip your pants while watching this little scene, and we’re willing to bet that you will just adore it. Leon was in the mood to be submissive today and so he had his good buddy give him a nice dicking, and following that he’d have him blowing his load all over him. Watch Leol taking a nice and hard ass pounding, and then see him laying on his back as he allows his friend to bust a load all over him and his muscled body as he jerks off as well. Have fun!

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Brad and AJ’s hardcore scene

Take a look at the newest bait buddies gallery starring these muscle guys with enormous cocks. Starting with his big cock to his hot butt, he’s always in great shape. AJ in the other hand is a Latin stud with an enormous 10” cock, one of the biggest in the business. Here you’ll find everything from kissing, blowjobs and of course hardcore fucking. Well let’s get to showing off this nice and horny couple once more as they get to have some sexual fun shall we?

Brad and Aj make quite the pair, and we’re always happy to have these hot buddies here playing with each other. Today AJ gets to have his nice cock taken care of, and then Brad intends to let him have some fun with his nice and tight little ass as well. So watch the kinky Brad as he gets to munch on that cock with a passion and see him doing such a good job almost making AJ blow his load. Anyway, enjoy their nice and hot scene, and see some hard style gay sex going down today. We will return next week as always with another sexy scene everyone!


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SDM fucking

This hot bait buddies scene is here for you guys! Here you’ll find rimming, blow jobs and of course SDM fucking and for those of you that don’t understand SMD it comes from sitting, doggy and missionary. Evan grinds his monster cock in Mike’s butthole. Enjoy this hot scene as always everyone. well in this one you get to see some nice and hard core ass fucking getting done as these two buddies have their fun, and today Mike will be getting his ass nicely stretched in this hot and sexy scene.

As the baitbuddies scene begins, Mike like the true little man slut that he is, gets straight to work on his friend’s nice and big cock, and you cannot miss seeing him as he gets to suck and slurp on that mighty cock with a passion today. Then he gets to be bent over, and after his friend puts on his protection he just goes ahead and shoves that nice and big dick of his in that nice and tight little ass for this scene. Enjoy seeing Mike moan as he gets a nice and rough anal fucking and enjoy the update. We’ll see you again soon, with more hardcore ass penetration scenes, just like this one here!

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Butthole stretching fiesta

Today bait buddies brought you two veterans of the business. These bad boys can make your every dream come true. They have two huge fat cocks, that could stretch even the tightest butthole. After some mutual blow jobs, 69 they finally got to the fucking part. They fucked each other till they shoot huge loads of cum all over the place. Enjoy this fresh update and see two smoking hot and sexy studs as they engage in some nice and sexy hard core gay fuck scenes today. You will get to enjoy watching them fuck.


The two muscled hunks know how to party and they make a fine point to prove it too in this nice and sexy fresh scene of theirs today. Watch as they take turns to have a go at each other’s nice and hard cocks, and then see as they take their spot on the couch ready to have some more hard style action. Enjoy watching some nice and big cocks getting shoved nice and deep in each other’s tight asses, and see this superbly hot update unfold today everyone. We will be back as always next time!

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Nick and Jack’s hardcore scene

Once again bait buddies brought you fresh meat! Jake and Nick are two young, hot and muscle guys with fat cocks just waiting to get sucked. Nike is a straight guy and doesn’t really like to lose time so he starts jacking Jake’s big Italian cock. That continued with swapping blowjobs and after some frottage. The scene ends with Jake destroying Nick’s tight asshole. Enjoy another sexy and fresh update with a superb couple formed from two very eager and horny studs, and see them getting down and dirty in today’s nice and hot scene. So let’s get started and see them in action.

The scene starts off with them engaging in a nice and hot kissing and caressing session as they take off one another’s clothes, and you also get to see them starting to gently stroke and caress one another’s nice and big cocks. Sit back and relax as you also get to see them taking turns to suck and deep throat one another’s nice and hard cocks before moving onto more awesome and sexy stuff. Then you can see then banging each other’s tight asses for the rest of the scene!


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