Bait Buddies – Ace Military Massage

Today we have a great ace military massage bait buddies free videos download for you today! Ace, the incredibly hot, sculpted, military stud has returned searching for some cash. So, we asked him in for an sexual gay massage. What we all didn`t tell him – however he might`ve presently predicted – is the fact that his therapist will be a man, one of our baitbuddies, Chad. We have Ace face-down on the massage desk with his hot tiny gay bubble butt staying in the air while Chad, unannounced, walks inside and starts the massage. First of all, we distributed while using cameraman and the chit-chat plus captured all the “Private“ motion with three fixed “voyeur cams“. Chad`s directions had been to just take it as much as he can.

Well we’re not really sure that the end was a military massage, but the dude sure loved it nonetheless. You can classify it as a happy end anyway as this thing only happens in some slutty massage parlors. Or when you get to have your own private masseur. Either way, this stud got to feel his whole body touched and worked as the other guy made sure to not miss a single inch. And it was especially good when it came to his cock. As the masseur not only used his expert hands to massage his cock, but also his lips and tongue as well. So watch this guy blowing his load all over the masseur’s face by the end as he cums. We hope that you enjoyed it!


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