Bait Buddies – Cameron and Kacey

Welcome back. We know what you love seeing here at bait buddies and we brought you much more of it this afternoon. This scene features some hot guys and once more there’s a bait playing with a straight guy. The straight guy is named Cameron and as you can see he’s a muscled hunk that never got to try gay sex before today. But that’s just fine as our bait named Kacey is here to tempt him to the other side and pretty much succeeds flawlessly by the end of this juicy baitbuddies scene here. Well let’s just get to kick things off and watch the two of them getting to have quite the naughty afternoon today, fucking hard and having fun shall we?

Once the cameras roll and the two guys get to the room, the clothes start to come off naturally. Also one thing you will notice about Cameron now, is that he has some pretty sexy muscles all over his body. That just makes Kacey want him inside his ass even more today and you get to see the bait start to tease his hard cock with his expert hands to begin with. When he gets him all nice and hard it was time for the moment of truth, so he bent over and took it deep in the ass. Enjoy seeing Cameron fucking Kacey nice and hard for the afternoon this week and do come back soon for another new and juicy scene with even more gay action!


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