Bait Buddies – Ace Military Massage

Today we have a great ace military massage bait buddies free videos download for you today! Ace, the incredibly hot, sculpted, military stud has returned searching for some cash. So, we asked him in for an sexual gay massage. What we all didn`t tell him – however he might`ve presently predicted – is the fact that his therapist will be a man, one of our baitbuddies, Chad. We have Ace face-down on the massage desk with his hot tiny gay bubble butt staying in the air while Chad, unannounced, walks inside and starts the massage. First of all, we distributed while using cameraman and the chit-chat plus captured all the “Private“ motion with three fixed “voyeur cams“. Chad`s directions had been to just take it as much as he can.

Well we’re not really sure that the end was a military massage, but the dude sure loved it nonetheless. You can classify it as a happy end anyway as this thing only happens in some slutty massage parlors. Or when you get to have your own private masseur. Either way, this stud got to feel his whole body touched and worked as the other guy made sure to not miss a single inch. And it was especially good when it came to his cock. As the masseur not only used his expert hands to massage his cock, but also his lips and tongue as well. So watch this guy blowing his load all over the masseur’s face by the end as he cums. We hope that you enjoyed it!

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Bait Buddies Ari Gypsy Reunion

Great ari gypsy reunion free bait buddies full videos! See Ari`s response when Mike`s lips touches his cock. He`s amazed and places his palms over his face to defend his mind through this new and spectacular experience. In a short time Ari is deep breathing hard and banging Mike`s jaws. Next it is time for the change and Ari isn`t pleased about this, stating “my lips, this tongue, on that“. However, he fits the flow then asks “Is this the way you do it right?“ And in no time he says he enjoys and remarks “tasty“. More sexy buddies inside this fresh video that you get to see, so let’s not waste anymore time and see the studs in action.

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Ari and Mike are long time fuck baitbuddies, and Ari was just around town when he bumped into Mike. Since the two of them didn’t see each other for quite a while, this was the perfect time for them to catch up on what they’ve been doing, and maybe get some private time together. Well the talking was done quite fast, as the studs had been missing one at hoer’s hard cocks all this time and they were eager to play once more. Watch them engage in a superb and hard style gay fuck reunion today to celebrate the meeting that they got. Watch some hard style ass fucking go down today and enjoy seeing these hunks blowing  their jizz all over one another! For similar videos you can visit the next door buddies blog and watch other sexy gay guys fucking like crazy!

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Brad Star

Watch hot Brad Star free bait buddies videos! In seconds Alexander had Brad`s tremendous 9.5`dick within his mouth devouring it after which Brad returned the like with passion as he drawn Alexander `s uncut dick. With the two rock solid dicks and preparing to go, we simply had to look at their stunning asses. When Brad examined Alexander`s butt, he informed us he must have it plus Alexander thirstily obligated. Horny Brad screws Alexander with so considerably enthusiasm within this scene our dig cam lens nearly fogged up. Watch the finishing as Alexander dips into Brad`s jizz and slathers it about his very own cock – yum.

Brad was in for the baitbuddies show of his life today and Alex was going to teach him all about gay sex. Like we said, Alex gets to take his big and hard cock in his expert mouth and starts to work it like a pro with his expert lips. And it seems that Brad enjoyed this little treatment quite a lot. So you can bet that after a blowjob like that there’s no way this guy would back down. Watch him bending the sexy stud Alex over as he wanted that ass of his without delay today. And of course Alex was eager to see this guy get to work on his ass as well to see how he’d fair fucking him anally. Have fun with this nice little update everyone and see you soon with some more. For similar gay sex scenes you can visit the site and watch some horny twinks getting heir asses fucked!


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Bait Buddies – Jake Eddie

Don’t miss the Jake Eddie bait buddies download! When Eddie discovered what his roomie had been doing to afford his books and bonuses he got mad. His straight roomie is blowing guys and getting shagged while Eddie is busting his neck selling racks at the nearby market. Even though, being  straight laced, Eddie thought why the hell not. Make what it requires him a week to do in that shit hole – within a couple of hours. So, that`s exactly how Robins & Caruso ended up in the dormitories. Watch how anxious Eddie is kissing his roomie and finally slurping his cock after which indeed being within his hot roommates butt any time he comes. He had never even noticed his roomie jack off or strike a load – now his cock senses the pulsations while his good friend Jake blows a massive load on his abdomen and torso! The full baitbuddies movie inside!


As the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything, and the titan men were very much ready to test that out today. Both of them are straight, but since they are very good friends, today they simply decided to try the other side of the fence sort of speak and see how a ass fuck feels. and of course that implied both of them to be on the receiving end, so like we said earlier, they have to take turns to fuck one another’s nice and round butts for the start of the scene. Watch as Jake is the first one to spread his legs, and you just have to see this superb stud moaning in pleasure as that nice and big cock slides deeper and deeper in his tight ass today.

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Bait Buddies Archives

Great archives and free bait buddies videos featuring Nathan, with darker rised up hair, black hot eyes, and perfect smooth skin. Through the interview he informed us about his crazy fantasies and without a doubt, this male has a very, very dirty thoughts. Chase Evans is our privileged buddy from Minnesota. There`s almost nothing like these midwest country guys! He’s so incredibly hot and all girls want his pants. It is a shame he simply likes dick. Chase has a sexy visage, hot body shape, tall, built up, and a enormous dick. Hopefully he does not talk our straight prey in to bottoming or he won’t be resting for some time! When you get a full look at what Chase has to provide you may be scared being on the receiving end.

Well you can bet that Nathan didn’t back down from such a superb offer of sex today as he would very much fancy getting it on with Chase. The two of them get naked and start going for their nice little baitbuddies scene on the white leather couch today without anymore delay. They are some really sex addicts, just like the hot gay guys from the blog. Sit back and see these guys getting into a nice and hot little jerk off contest to see each other’s nice cocks in action. And of course you get to see them getting to stroke one another’s cocks as these studs are pretty wild like we told you earlier. So just sit back and watch them jerking off and enjoying a superb gay fuck for the rest of this nice afternoon. We’re sure you’ll like them and we’ll be seeing you next time!


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Kinky Interview

Get new bait buddies interviews for download! Our latest straight prey (Lucas) arrived dying to produce some fast money. He is at need therefore were we. As soon as he got his shirt off we realized he was everything we were searching for. Lucas has a sexxy, well toned  body so when he whipped out that enormous dick the show was in!!! We introduced  Mark Angel as our best fraternityx guy. He’s one hot true stud having certainly one of the sexiest body we’ve seen. He’s sculpted from head to feet, smooth, tanned, and simply down right gorgeous. So just sit back and let’s watch this hot baitbuddies interview go down shall we guys?

We know that this will be right up your alley as you get to see another hunk try his hand at gay sex for the very first time. And Lucas gets to show the inner works of gay sex to another willing sexy stud this afternoon. Sit back and watch these two studs go naked for the scene. You get to watch them kiss and caress one another’s hot bodies in front of the cameras, and Lucas was simply marvelous at sucking cock. Watch him closely as he gets to treat Mark’s nice and big cock with his juicy lips and expert tongue. He wants to show off that hot studs also know how to give proper head and rest assured that Mike enjoyed every single moment of this! Wanna see other horny buddies fucking? If you do, you might click here and have fun!

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Ronnie Video

Just watch this great Ronnie video! We combined our straight super true stud, bodybuilder, Ronnie, with an expert Bait Man, the extremely hot and delightful Mike Rivers. The motion gets tremendous hot truly fast once we easily move him from drawing to sucking. Ronnie adores getting is cock blowed but for the very first time ever, takes another man’s cock into his mouth. After that Ronnie gets his bottom rimmed by Mike. Such a view seeing Mike’s tongue stabbing in Ronnie’s fantastic hole such as he is found a new love. Inside the last scene, Ronnie is beating the lust from Mike’s hot, firm, bubble booty when in true sex euphoria he shouts out and shoots intense loads across Mike’s chest. More bait buddies inside!

So just head on over to the main site so that you may enjoy this nice and fresh scene with the lovely guys that we bring you today. Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed if you drop by to check out these two studs fucking each other for the whole evening. And Ronnie with Mike were just the perfect pair. Sit back and watch the horny Ronnie as he bends over and presents Mike with his nice and tight ass that was just waiting for a rough fucking. Mike delivered on that and fucked him anally balls deep for this whole baitbuddies scene today. Make sure you don’t miss it today and stay tuned for some more fresh scenes next time everyone! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see some gorgeous gay men having sex in front of the camera!


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Tucker and Dawson

Tucker and Dawson, our bait buddies, will play for you today! We adore novices and particularly when they`re as hot as Dawson! All of this American true stud had it happening from top to bottom. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, sleek and tight gay body, hard bubble ass, as well as a fat eight inches cock! He had been as hard like a rock just considering fucking a pornstar. Tucker returned playing our hot game. He just can`t get sufficient straight dick and nor can we. So, to relax Dawson’s nervousness we take the whole scene at his home. We believed perhaps if he’s a lot more relaxed he’ll opt for whatever we have at him.

Tucker and Dawson decided to try their hand at having some hardcore bait buddies gay sex today, and you get to watch the whole thing. The two didn’t seem to have too much trouble getting naked and enjoying their time with the foreplay as they were kissing one another passionately. You get to see Dawson as he lays upside down with his ass in the air and legs spread as Tucker slides his nice and big meat pole inside that nice and tight ass of his. And you can sit back and watch as Dawson moans in pleasure as the big cock stretches his ass nicely for this whole scene today. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and we’ll see you again next week with some more content! Until then. if you enjoyed this scene, and you are looking for more, you can watch some latino gay porn movies and have a great time!

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Bait Buddies Kurt And Scottie Free Video

Have a great time watching this fresh bait buddies video! Both guys reached it up quickly and BOTH have been taking fast glances at one anothers stiffing cocks, not planning on that the other one was strung just like heavy. Kurt chimed in instantly with several dirty chat about the straight porno videos these were watching which he kept going as they were working hard themselves up. Just before we realize it, the unhealthy news is sent and because no girl will probably be coming, Scottie needed to decide immediately if he’d go gay4pay. Enjoy all of the hot baitbuddies activity now! And, make sure to watch the “After the Shoot” scene to listen to Kurt discuss getting shagged by 9 ins of dick and the way he’d no option but to ejaculate after the hammering his “special inner place” got from Scottie.

Well Kurt and Scottie sure are a pair of wild guys. And today you get to see just how wild they are as they engage in their nice and hot little fuck session. You get to see Kurt as he gets to sample some nice and big dick for the first time, and you can bet that he enjoyed his first gay experience quite a lot. Sit back with an hot older male and watch him sucking and deep throating on Scottie’s cock for the afternoon. Of course that the end is simply brilliant and you get to see Kurt covered in his new fuck buddy’s jizz load as he exploded all over his face and body at the end. For similar content, you might watch this great cum bath scene!


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Hot Buddies Go Crazy

In today’s hot bait buddies scene we give Cameron a try at Tyler’s stunning, firm, bubble butt. Just as soon as he seeps that splendor he is in like Flynn. You are able to tell by his appearance and terms that he is adoring this part and can carry on eternally except the fact that he lets us know he must cum – and that he does as Ty rubbs his dick using his big masculine hand right up until the young man launches his load. Then Ty jacks off and he can observe Tyler is enjoying intently! Check out more hot buddies inside today and have fun with this superb and hot little fuck fest that goes down for your enjoyment.

Cameron and Tyler were all ready and prepared to fuck hard style for the whole afternoon. And you guys get to see it all only here in this fresh bait buddies update. The guys start off their nice and hot little fuck scene for you, and you get to see some nice and hard style ass fucking go down just for your enjoyment. We bet that you’ll just love it and rest assured that there will be more to see in the future updates that we’ll have ready for you guys. So see you then and until that time comes just enjoy these two horny dudes who are looking just like the guys from the fraternity x site fucking each other hard style in the ass just for you. Stay tuned because the next week we’ll have a special video for you!

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